Using crafts to personalise your home

As readers of The Garden Chest will know, I have spent a lot of time and effort putting my stamp on my home. There are so many great ways of putting you own personal stamp without breaking the bank. DIY and home projects can also be great ways of personalising smaller items around the house or even gifts.

Whatever your interest or ideas, there are loads of great ideas out there. I designed and painted my kitchen myself, and although it’s not necessarily the greatest finish nor are my edges the neatest, but I designed and implemented it myself and no-one will therefore have a kitchen quite like it.

What if DIY or home design isn’t your thing? What if you only have scope for small projects or ideas? There are still plenty of great solutions. Using the internet to come up with ideas can be a great source of inspiration. Pinterest is a great source of home design ideas – as well as everything else. You can also use your favourite search engine for ideas and inspiration. Even things that seem like really small craft ideas can lead to great personalised interiors or gifts. Here are some of my favourites:

  • One of the best ideas I’ve seen online is using embroidery designs to create items. Designs and matierals can be sourced online or via local retailers. These designs and projects can vary from wall hangings through to cushions and home furnishings with personalised designs and messages. Embroidery can be very simple through to very complicated designs. There are plenty of simple but very effective designs which can be minimal effort but high impact to the eye and the space. It is also a great hobby for anyone and everyone and can be learnt quickly by pretty much anyone of any age. Due to the nature of the materials required it can quite often be a very cost effective solution which can be taken with you in a small bag so it can be worked on at any time or in any place.
  • There are loads of places with designs for murals and wall pictures. These can take the form of wallpaper type material which cover an entire feature wall, through to small stickets which just take the place of a picture or other decorative wall item. Designed for walls, they are usually easy to attach and move if need be. Some of these can be really cheap, and some can be massively expensive – you will have to find a retailer that sells the kind of things that you are looking for. Just remember that they can be fiddly so ensure to either follow the instructions to the letter, or get a professional to install them as if you are installing a high cost wall piece then you don’t want to risk making mistakes and ruining it.
  • Material scraps and offcuts available from habadashery stores can be great for loads of different projects. From being used to make dolls clothes for their child or grandchild’s dolls through to being sewn together to make a patchwork quilt.

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