To shed or not to shed

This question might be very simple. You might have bought a property which came with a shed. You might have one that doesn’t have a garage and you need somewhere to store your garden furniture or tools. Some people don’t like the look of them though. My shed is incredibly battered, and rotting in some places – it is how it was when I bought the house. I am planning on either doing it up or replacing it but I wouldn’t be without the space. The only reason I’ve not done it yet as once I started looking in to getting it repaired or replace, I immediately felt overwhelmed! Who knew that there was so much to it!

How do you decide what kind of shed to get though? What size? Where should you put it? There were so many questions and I just don’t know the answers yet so I am leaving it for now, but I’m going to share what I have found out so far with you.

Wooden sheds are usually more expensive than resin or metal ones, but they are also a lot more vulnerable to the surroundings and environment. Being wood means that they can be built to pretty much any specification as the materials are easy to source. Resin or plastic ones tend to last longer and be more weather proof (great in the UK) however some people just don’t like the look.

Things you will need to consider are what you want to use it for. What do you want it do look like? Where will it be situated? Who will need access to it?

Mine currently is only accessed by myself, and is primarily used for storing my garden furniture. It also has a combination of tins of paint and gardening tools. I still don’t know the answer to the other questions and right now it’s not a priority for me, but soon it will be.

Like anything – if it’s overwhelming, speak to a professional.  A gardner or landscaper will be able to advise and most will offer a free consultation.


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