needed money when i had a leak

Three times I’ve needed money for the house URGENTLY!

I don’t know about you, but I was never any good at saving money and being responsible with budgeting. I went through a stage where I was in debt, and had no savings. It was hard. I was embarassed as I was raised in a family where if you didn’t have the money then you didn’t spend it. I felt like I had let people down and as Brits we just don’t talk about money enough and so there was a lot of stigma about it. There were three times when my flat seemed to have it in for me and my costs just spiralled!

The first one was when my boiler died. I’d always had it serviced and maintained, but it was old. There was a part that needed replacing, and it wasn’t common. They could source it, but it wasn’t going to be cheap. If I had replaced it, there were no guarantees that another part wouldn’t go and I’d just be pouring more money into a bottomless pit. I researched options as to getting a new one and it wasn’t going to be cheap, but in the long run it was going to be the best solution. In this instance it made more sense getting it on finance from the provider as it was going to be a large amount over a long term period.

Another time, my shower just wouldn’t switch off. I was so panicked and flusteredmanaged to turn it off at the mains, but I basically had no water as if I turned it back on I had water shooting out of the shower. In this instance I had to look into short term loans from companies such as as the amount wasn’t too huge and I would be able to repay it reasonably quickly!

Whilst the last example was a lot less urgent, it was probably the biggest amount I ever spent on the flat. My window frames were old, wooden, damp and practically rotten. I had been struggling with my asthma anyway, and as the weather got colder, the damp and the condensation seemed to be making it spiral. I was once on anti-biotics and steroids three times in less than six months. I finally put two and two together and started getting quotes for replacing the windows with decent double glazing. Not only would these be better for heating the flat, but they would be better for me and my lungs. It was not going to be a small or cheap undertaking, and if I had been thinking of moving in the forseeable future it probably wouldn’t have been worth doing, but for my health and because I had no forseeable plans to move, it was definitely a worthwhile investment. Whilst the improvement in my health wasn’t overnight, it did definitely make a massive difference, which continued to improve for a long time after getting them done. My heating bills came down too as the new windows kept the place warmer. Overall it was a great thing to do, and I’m so pleased I did it. When I did come to move on and sell the flat, the improved EPC rating also made a difference to the price I got for it!

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