My dream home

For where I am in my life right now, I truly believe I am already in my dream home. Don’t get me wrong, if I could have a mansion given to me and staff to look after it and someone else to pay all the bills, I wouldn’t turn it down, but for me right now, my house is perfect. After living in my one bedroom flat for 12 years, I still can’t believe I have a three bedroom detached house! I really do feel like I’ve won the house lottery. For me and my cats it is plenty of space. I knew the minute I set foot in it that it was “my” house. I fought tooth and nail for it, and many many months after viewing, I finally moved in!

Whilst I loved the house - there were various things about the decor that I didn’t like. When I moved in to my flat, it was all very neutral and nothing that particularly put me off. I knew however that with the house I was ready and raring to go to put my own stamp on it!

I transformed my kitchen from dark brown and dreary to a retro American diner:

I changed the hallway from boring carpet and dark wooden handrails and bannisters to a funky carpet and hand painted all the woodwork to brighten the space:

I turned children’s bedrooms into a study and a guest room:

It really feels like home - especially as I’ve done almost all the work myself, which for someone as terrible at DIY and practical tasks as I am is a real achievement.

It’s only now that I’ve been living there for a while (I can’t believe it but my 1 year anniversary is fast approaching) that I’ve realise one thing that I had never planned to change but now I would like to. My furniture in the lounge is all black, greys and whites, along with silver and chrome fixtures. The flooring in there is a dark brown wood effect though and whilst it is very nice, it doesn’t really fit with my furniture. It therefore makes the space seem a lot darker than it really is. I think I’d like to change it to a lighter colour of Laminate Flooring - in fact I love this light grey oak effect flooring. I love the fact that the colour would complement my furniture as well as all my fixtures and fittings. It’s a really cost effective way of transforming a space, as well as being hard wearing and easy to look after and maintain. It also has an anti-bacterial coating which in a house with someone as clumsy as me - as well as having cats running around the place, is absolutely ideal!

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