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Let there be light

I love my house! I knew the moment I walked in that it was my house and I’m so happy to be here. For almost the whole of last year I had time to plan how I wanted to decorate and style my house. Many hours have been spent pouring over Pinterest, home magazines and loads of great home websites and blogs. One of the ideas I came across that I love the most is glass roofs. They just transform a space and make it so much lighter and brighter. My house isn’t laid out in a way that I could have one, but if I ever win the lottery and extend the property or get a conservatory, it is something I would definitely love to add. If you brighten up your home it can also add value!

brighten up your home

Another way to really brighten up your home is to get bi-fold doors. I like the ones like you find over at Imagine having doors like that from an amazing open plan light kitchen/diner which then opens up out onto your garden terrace? It’s kind of like what dreams are made of right?

I’m not trying to put down my house, or say it’s not enough. For me right now, where I am in life, my house is PERFECT, but hey, who knows – one day I might win the lottery and then all bets are off!

What would you do to your home if you won the lottery and money was no object? Or would you move altogether? Here’s what I’d love to do!

  • I would love to extend the house out to the back and/or the side.
  • I would extend upwards into the loft with an amazing loft conversion which is where I would have a master bedroom complete with en-suite bathroom and dressing area.
  • I’d redo the main bathroom with a nicer bath – I’d love a freestanding one.
  • I would buy some of the land at the back of my house and extend my garden.
  • I would replace my shed and put a home gym and sauna out there.
  • I would put in a jacuzzi or hot tub.
  • I would get loads of the little odd jobs that I’ve never gotten around to doing done. This includes changing all the door furniture. There’s nothing wrong with what is there, but they aren’t to my taste and I don’t like the colour.
  • I hate my front door, and actually the back doors out to the garden need to be repaired too.

It’s funny but with all of those things I’d like to do, I’m still not sure that even if money was no object I’d ever move. I love my house so much. The work I’ve done on it so far makes me feel really proud and I have enjoyed putting my stamp on to it. I think that a massive lottery winning style house would probably be way too big for me and the cats and so I’d end up rattling around in a giant house with ridiculously huge bills to heat and light it. I can’t justify it.

Never say never though – as I always said I wouldn’t leave my first home which was my one bedroom flat that I lived in for 12 years, and yet here I am. I also always used to say I didn’t like cats so you never know!

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