How to brighten up your house

As you know, I moved into my new home last year. It took a very long time (or so it seemed) to finally get to moving day but that time gave me a lot of time to research what I wanted to do with the interior. I knew the house was perfect for me when I saw it, but there were a few things that just weren't going to work with me. It's not a dark house by any means, but I wanted to make it as bright and airy as possible. Here's the top tips for brightening your house that I came across whilst looking in to doing it up.

Use light colours

From paints and walls to furniture and accessories, light colours will automatically make the space appear lighter and brighter. I'm not saying you have to go with bright white, but lighter colours will make a big difference. I used a really soft light grey on the walls and furnishings in my bedroom and en-suite bathroom and it feels so light and spacious, but yet also warm. I used white in walls and furniture in my spare room and that feels even airier, but perhaps a little less cosy. It's about getting a balance and finding what works for you. I tried over 15 shades of grey paint before making my final choice - and I would highly recommend you gather samples and get them on your walls a good couple of days before you are planning on painting as they will not look how you expect! Compare the pictures below:

brightening your house

Brightening your house by using mirrors

Mirrors are a cost effective but brilliantly effective way of lightening and brightening a space. Not only will they reflect light around the space, but they will make the room appear bigger. Whether you choose one mirror hung on the wall, or have a whole mirror wall, ideally hang them opposite a window or light source for maximum impact. You can find a mirror which complements your other interior design components and which will increase the impact of the space and with mirrors available from practically all good home retailers - this is a super cost effective approach which you can manage no matter what your budget is.


I fell in love with the idea of fixed glass rooflights when researching ideas for interior design for my house. I love how they can completely transform the lighting and flow of a house or room. They come double or tripled glazed, with a range of fittings and finishings. The glass is thermally insulated and safety toughened so you don't need to worry about heat loss or security. They are a modern and minimalistic touch, and yet they can make a massive amount of difference.

What are your top tips for brightening up a space? Let me know in the comments below!

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