Home is where the heart (and cat) is

I viewed the property I now call home for one reason and one reason only. It was the only detached property in my budget and in my search area. I had very low expectations and was only seeing it to compare the space to a end of terrace or semi-detached. I walked in and my heart leaped. There was something about the house. The layout, the features, the fact it was empty (so I could picture my stuff in there). It just felt perfect. It felt like “my” home there and then.

I went back later that day for a second viewing (as I was relocating so it was a bit of a journey to come back another day the agent said if I wanted to go back the same day to just let her know) and whilst I saw things a little differently (a lot of the house was really really grubby) I KNEW it was my house. I slept on it but put the offer in the next day.

This was a Friday. On the following Monday my buyer fell through. I was beside myself. Thankfully my solicitor said that as we hadn’t received any paperwork through, he was happy to not volunteer the information at this time, but as things progressed, we would have to. It took several weeks to find a new buyer, I changed estate agents, I had to take a much lower offer, and once the sellers found out I was given a deadline. Amazingly I met that deadline and the ball could properly continue rolling. It did however take a lot of the shine off the process, all because the first agent didn’t do the due diligence with regards to the buyer’s financial situation.

The weeks and months rolled by, and there were many occasions when I was convinced it was all going to fall through. My buyer’s solicitor was the most useless excuse for a human being (let alone a solicitor) and I was answering the same questions over and over again. I’d already booked a holiday for the October, and as it edged closer I started really panicking. We were supposed to exchange before I went away, and complete on my return. I went away having not exchanged. The two weeks I was away we also didn’t exchange. Having explained I was doing a transatlantic cruise so I would not be contactable, every now and again I got a stupid question through – usually one I had already answered. I really couldn’t relax on my holiday. I’d already put my cats in a cattery near the new house as I thought I’d be moving almost immediately after the holiday. They hated the 2 hour journey in the car so I didn’t want to bring them back and put them through that again if I didn’t need to. Ten days after getting back we were finally ready to exchange, although the buyer property went awol for two days and we didn’t exchange until the Friday. I had wanted two weeks between exchange and completion in order to move, but he now wanted one week. I had been living out of boxes for most of the year (as alledgedly the move was imminent pretty much that entire time) so I agreed. it took over 6 months from seeing my house to moving in. I still can’t quite believe I’m here, but it was truly meant to be.

I guess the point of this post is to say that what will be will be, and if a property is meant to be the one for you, it will be. Yes you need to budget and plan your finances, but so often houses are a heart thing. Much as I was regularly convinced that everything was about to fall through, deep down I still believed that this house was supposed to be mine. Moving house is so hard as so much of it is out of your control, but in the words of Dory – “just keep swimming”. It is out of your control, so just go with the flow and remember, home is where the heart is, and a house is just a building. If this house had fallen through, yes I would have been incredibly upset, but I would have made my home somewhere else. For now, the cats and I are very happy!

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