Home based dating ideas

If home and interiors is your thing, then there are loads of great ways to meet new people – whether you are looking for new friends or a date. A great place to start is to search online for local dating sites – such as “Kent dating site” or “dating sites in Kent” and then look for people with similar interests or hobbies as you. There are dating sites out there for people of all ages and professions. If you are a more mature dater, you might want to try a site for seniors.

I’m going to share some of my favourite ways to meet people with similar interests and in this instance – people who are interested in home and interiors.

  1. Attend an evening class in interior design. These are held all over the country, from local adult education centres through to interior design companies. You are sure to find one local to yourself and be able to learn at the same time.
  2. Go to a decorating demonstration or talk at a local DIY or hardward store. Lots of local people attend these and whilst the stores are trying to sell you things, they can be really informative and you can learn a lot at a usually low cost.
  3. Learn woodworking and DIY at a shed! Whilst sheds are usually known as “Man Sheds”, more and more of them are “Community sheds” and are open to all people, male or female, old and young. I first became aware of the “Man Shed” movement at a local hospice that I supported. The principal was that men who were either having health problems or struggling after a bereavement are less likely to access resources such as counselling. The movement has extended massively since then and now all different kinds of classes and activities are held in them. They massively impact isolation in the community and you can learn new skills at the same time, as well as having a positive effect on mental health – so search online and see if there is a shed near you.
  4. Go to a home or trade show – whether its something big like The Ideal Home Show, or something on a smaller and more local scale, these are great places to mingle with other people with similar ideas and interests as yourself.
  5. Attend a furniture or interiors auction. Auctions are in themselves really interesting and I love going to them. The first auction I ever went to had artwork going for over £1,000,000 – so clearly out of my price range but it was so interesting to see how they worked, and bear in mind this was at a major London Auction House. Smaller and more local auction houses run auctions on a regular basis and have all sorts of furniture and interior items and events. You can get some great ideas about things you do and don’t like and might want to implement in your own house. You can also learn a lot – the auction guides tend to have a lot of really interesting information in them and unless you are in the middle of bidding, they can be quite social so get out there and happy dating and bidding!



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