Guide to garden lighting

One of the key factors in getting out and enjoying your garden more is to use plenty of great lighting. You can use outdoor lights to create different ‘zones’ in your garden – somewhere to sit and relax or somewhere to eat and so on. Here is everything that you need to know about how to create amazing garden lighting.

Types of Garden Lighting:

Solar Lights

Solar lights are an inexpensive way of adding lighting to your garden. They are powered by sunlight during the day and they illuminate at night. You can often purchase solar lights in pound stores and other discount shops. However, you’ll want to look for solar lights that have good reviews and are known to last, to save you constantly needing to replace them. They are available in several different styles so that you can place them all over your garden.

LED Lights

If you are seeking the best quality garden lights, you should look for LED lights. LED garden lights give off a bright, focused light. They don’t consume much power, so they are a great way to reduce lighting costs as you can leave them on for a while without worrying about racking up bills. LEDs have an average lifespan of around 30,000 hours, so they hardly ever need to be replaced. You can find LEDs in many different forms such as rope lights, stake lights and wall lights.

Styles of Garden Lighting:

Wall Lights

Whether you have a brick wall you’d like to illuminate or another flat surface like the wall of a water feature, there are so many different options for wall lights – spotlights, hanging lanterns, squares and swivel lights. You’ll find that many wall lights are ‘plug in and play’ which means an electrician is not required to install them.

String Lights

String lights are perfect if you regularly host parties in your garden. They give off a romantic, intimate vibe and they look beautiful. You can wrap coloured LED rope lights around trees and other structures, and hang string fairy lights from the branches of trees.

Decking Lights

If you’d like to start enjoying your decking at night, you’ll need some decking lights. Recessed lights are ideal as they are built into the deck and do not cause a safety hazard. You can choose from different colours such as cool and warm white, to suit your deck and the design of your garden. You can also get lights for the posts of your decking.

garden lighting

Security Lights

Security lights can help keep your garden and house secure. You can opt for lights which are motion detected. Other forms of security lights include spikes to put along your driveway and flood lights. Whilst they don’t look the most attractive, they will keep your home safe and secure.

Garden Lighting Tips

  • Don’t overcomplicate things if you have a small garden. Less is more!
  • Fire pits will help you add light and warmth, and they look incredibly stylish.
  • Always adopt a multi-layer approach rather than focusing on one area.
  • Use uplights to highlight tall plants.
  • Remember to match your colours. If you use cool white in one area, use it across your garden for symmetry.
  • Hide cables to prevent wildlife or pets from chewing through them.

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