Garden dreams

As you have probably figured out by now, I LOVE my little house! Just last night I was going up the stairs to bed and was thinking how blessed and fortunate I am. After twelve years of living in a ground floor flat, it’s something I had not been doing and wasn’t used to. Something else I wasn’t used to was having my own garden. Yes there was some communal outdoor space but I shared it with the other residents and it was “looked after” (I use the term loosely) by the property managing agents. I couldn’t do what I wanted with the space and I couldn’t enjoy it by myself. I also lived on a busy road so it was noisy and you were definitely aware of the pollution from that. Funnily enough – I never really used it.

Now however I have a wonderful little garden and outside space of my own. I moved in to the house in November and over the winter I did nothing with the space, but as Spring was approaching I knew I needed to do something with it but I had no idea where to start. I decided to research gardeners online to get some ideas of what I could get done and roughly what it would cost.

garden in spring

There are so many amazing garden ideas online – you just need to Google garden design or landscaping or check out Pinterest to see all the amazing things that can be done. I always knew I wanted lots of solar lights but other than that I wasn’t really sure. It’s still my first summer in the house so I think I’ve accepted that it is going to be a work in progress. I tried to mow the lawn but it was a bit of a disaster. I then decided perhaps I wasn’t ready for the commitment of mowing and maintaining a lawn so I decided to get fake grass.

I also bought some tubs and planted some really nice plants, but my lack of remembering to water them and then the heat wave hitting whilst I was away soon killed them off. I think I may have to accept that I appear to be completely useless at anything garden related and just get artificial plants. For now, I have a lawn that doesn’t need mowing and plenty of space to site my chairs when the sun comes out so for my first summer it will do! 🙂


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