Filling your new home

I moved from a one bedroom flat, to a three bedroom house – I therefore have many many times more space. Much as I didn’t want to fill it completely, I needed more items to fill some of the rooms I had never had before (like my study and a guest room). I had budgeted to make my purchases but I really don’t like spending money on things if I don’t have to. Here are some of my top bargains and where I got them from. I hope it will give you ideas about filling your new home!

  • My desk – I had chosen a desk from Ikea that new cost about £175. I found the exact model on Freecycle – for, er, free! BARGAIN!
  • The paint I used to cover the feature wall in the lounge was actually an almost full tin left by the previous owners in the shed. It meant I could get an exact match and didn’t have to paint all of the walls.
  • I got the daybed for the spare room (also originally from Ikea) second hand. It wasn’t a massive saving – as they had assembled it but it didn’t fit where it was supposed to go, but for someone who hates doing flat pack, having it arrive (the removal company picked it up on moving day) almost entirely assembled made me incredibly happy! It was in “as new” condition and it was something I was going to get anyway.
  • I got some offcuts of material from charity shop and bargain buckets in fabric/home stores. These are going to be used for cushions and chair coverings.
  • I got some great decorative items (including a mirror) for my guest bathroom from a car boot sale. They all tied together beautifully and I got them all for less than £3.
  • I got some model Coca Cola trucks for my retro kitchen from Shpock. I’m not sure how much these would normally cost but I know they are a bargain and they fit in my design scheme perfectly.

In short – shop around. Don’t be afraid to buy second hand. You can always replace it with newer items down the line, but for first time buyers or people like me who had a lot more space to fill, there are some great bargains to be found.

filling your new home

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