An environmentally friendly kitchen

In a world which has growing waste and climate change problems, more and more people are trying to reduce the carbon footprint of their lifestyles and become more environmentally friendly. Some things are easier to do, but others are more tricky. Here’s my top tips for helping to save the planet from the kitchen!


It’s an obvious one – but recycle anything and everything you can. Different local authorities have different rules and processes which dictate what you can recycle, but if you have things you can recycle from home – some supermarkets have recycling points, and of course you can always go to the local recycling centre. I have a big plastic container on the side in my kitchen and whenever I use anything like a plastic container or a tin, I wash it out and put it in there. The container fits the decor of my kitchen so it doesn’t look out of place and it’s a constant reminder to remember to do it.

Energy consumption

I try to reduce my energy consumption where possible. Using a lower temperature on the washing machine is a great place to start – as is only boiling the amount of water that I need rather than doing a full kettle every time. These may only be small changes but they really do all add up.

Water usage

Using less water can means less water needs to be moved and subsequently cleaned. Controversially, dishwashers actually use a very small amount of water – and I try to only put it on when it is full.


I never considered myself an “eco-warrior” but I’ve been shocked over the last few months finding out more and more about the damage that plastic is doing to our planet and as such, I’ve really tried to cut down my usage. I don’t buy pre-packaged fuit and vegetables, I always take reusable bags when shopping so I don’t need plastic bags, I try to purchaseĀ  items in boxes rather than plastic (such as laundry powder) and I reuse containers where possible.

Your kitchen

There is a vast amount of information online about reducing your carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly in the kitchen, but what about the actual kitchen itself? The Used Kitchen Exchange allows people to buy used kitchens. Not only does this save them money but it’s great for the environment. From ex-display models through to home kitchens which have been lovingly used in a home but won’t fit when someone moves – there is a great choice and you can be eco-friendly too. They will quote you on the kitchen, and actively market it for you as well if you decided to sell with them. The collections team would also oversee the removal and delivery to the new owners. Buyer or seller you can be eco and wallet friendly!



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