Central Heating

I was so excited to be moving to my house. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. There were however a few things I needed to arrange before I moved, or for soon after I moved in. One of these was a boiler and central heating system check. When I finally moved into the house I knew it had been vacant for at least 6 months (as it was already empty when I viewed it for the first time in May). It might of course have been much longer than that. I therefore knew that the system had been out of use for quite some time. As I was moving in November, I knew it needed to be a priority as I really didn’t fancy my first winter in the house having no central heating.

Relocating to a new area meant I didn’t really know any one, so I couldn’t rely on the usual recommendations from friends and family. I looked in some of the local Facebook community groups, as well as on Checkatrade and some quote gathering sites. I was so grateful I found someone who had good ratings and had availability for very quickly after I moved in.

The guy who came was on time, friendly and polite, and just got on with the job with no real fuss. I had explained that I didn’t know the history of the system when I made the booking but this was not an issue. Fortunately the system got the all clear and was working fine. I could enjoy my first winter in the house with heating and hot water! After all the bad luck I had had over the years in the flat with boilers and heating issues it was a really big relief. I had allowed room in my moving budget for unforeseen expenses which might occur as part of the move – but I really was hoping to keep these to a minimum.

What expenses did you incur when you moved? Were there any that you hadn’t planned for or expected? I’ve had a few – but thankfully this was not one of them! Hopefully with regular servicing going onwards, my central heating system and I will have many happy years together!

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