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A lick of paint goes a long way

When I moved into my new house, there were so many things that I just didn’t love. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my house, but there were a lot of things that just weren’t my taste. It really is amazing what a lick of paint can do to transform a space. Here’s some of my favourite transformations that I did all by myself!


This drab and dull brown kitchen was transformed into a retro 50s diner with white tile paint, black tile decals and blue furniture paint!








I really didn’t like the brown bannisters and stair handrail. The skirting the whole way through the house is white, but at the stairs it is this brown wood again. Yes this job was a bit more fiddly, but with some sanding, priming and white furniture paint I have transformed my hall and stairs.


Spare room

My spare room was a child’s bedroom. Three walls were pink and one had this very fetching patterned wallpaper.


Don’t get me wrong – that wallpaper took quite a few coats of paint, but it was totally worth it. Just normal white emulsion has made this room the chilled out, calm and peaceful escape room that I wanted people to feel they could come and stay in.


My study was another child’s bedroom. All the walls were pink, with a border going round.

Again, the patterned wallpaper took several coats to be sufficiently hidden, but white emulsion completely changed this room as well.


Yes each room has different furniture and accessories, but by investing just a little bit of time in doing some painting, it has made a real difference to the feel of the house. I am rubbish at anything DIY related, and if you look closely, my edges are not neat at all, but I did it and I am proud of the change. Paint is such a quick and cost effective way to transform a space. I cannot recommend it enough.

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